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A bit of a treasure trove of art and illustration,
spanning different styles from cute to folksy.

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An Interview With Carly Watts Illustration

A fun fact
I once directed a play for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but it didn’t go over too well! I remember walking round Edinburgh dressed as a mime for no particular reason.

Your fool-proof recipes
I make a pretty good bolognese from scratch. You have to make it the traditional way and use carrots and celery!

In your handbag
Loads of receipts, really old train tickets (probably from years ago) and a playing card with a picture of Jack Skellington on it (no idea why I have that).

Your pop culture idol
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Your biggest quirk
I have a real issue with people wearing shoes indoors. My friend once put her shoes on the sofa and that was too much for me!

Your most ‘grown up’ advice
Don’t worry about trying to fit in or be something you’re not, you’ll gravitate to the right people eventually anyway. Always back up your important data too!

On your bookshelf
Most of my favourite books are at my parents house because my flat is pretty small so I just have a little bookshelf here, but I currently have The Essex Serpent, American Gods, and The Girls (in the Garden) on my shelf.

Your go-to dating story
Okay, so I’m pretty boring and don’t really have one! I’ve been with my current boyfriend for so long and I’ve never really had any dramatic experiences haha!

The best kind of weather
I like warm days with a cool breeze, or rainy days where you can stay really cuddly and cosy indoors.

Your go-to hot beverage
I’m not a huge fan of coffee at all so it has to be the blogger classic: tea!

Your favourite quote
“Home is behind, the world ahead” J.R.R Tolkien

Du riechst so gut, Rammstein

Rabbit. I still miss my bunny, Flopsy.

Currently coveting
The Lush Christmas range! It all looks so good. I’m excited to pick up my favourite cleanser, Bûche de Noël.

A mini travel guide: Three home town must-visits
I was born in Chester and it’s a beautiful city! You definitely need to check out the cathedral and the Roman ruins. Plus, you can walk the city walls and check out the views.

The reason you blog
I started my blog many years ago and it was really just a place to share my artwork, but I’ve made some lovely friends through blogging and I suppose it’s just habit now! It’s nice to have a little space on the internet too.

Your blog in a sentence
A bit of a treasure trove of art and illustration, spanning different styles from cute to folksy.

A hand picked post for new readers to start with
I’ve chosen ‘Magic Blooms‘ because I think it shows off my kind of style fairly well so you can see it you like it!

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